MUST READ - Binary Options Brokers Warnings
(+) You must always be careful when trading with binary options brokers, some of them that look to be legit and even are regulated have turned out to be nothing more than boiler rooms and bucket shops.
(+) When first dealing with ANY binary options broker first deposit a SMALL minimum deposit for trading.
(+) Never take ANY bonuses! After making profits from first trade ask for an immediate withdrawal.
(+) If you are called on the phone and asked to make any LARGER deposits ALWAYS say NO.
(+) After making a successful withdrawal of first profitable trade + deposit amount you can start to trust the broker.

MYfintec Review - Notable Ways MYfintec is Different from Other FX Brokers

MYfintec Review

MYfintec Review

The demand for online brokers is on the rise since cryptocurrencies have gained popularity. Gone are the days when you actually had to go to the market physically in search of brokers as this is the age of the internet. Nowadays, you don’t have to be a day trader in order to buy and sell currencies, stocks, commodities and even cryptocurrencies. A lot of people are now entering the trading world as a hobby or for generating extra income because it is known to have some great opportunities. All this has been made possible through the internet. However, there is also one major downside; scams and frauds are rampant in the online market and you need to be cautious when selecting a broker. 

If you are looking for a transparent, fair and reliable broker, MYfintec is the ideal option for you. Under the ownership of Kin Ltd. and having its headquarters in the Marshall Islands, MYfintec was established by a group of dedicated experts from various markets during 2009. Their aim is to become a leading online broker due to which they have made a lot of effort into making it different and providing their traders with a unique environment. 

At MYfintec, traders of every style can adjust easily because the platform is very accommodating and it gives them the opportunity to trade in the asset of their choice instead of restricting them to a few assets. This has attracted a large number of traders to MYfintec because they can try their hand in different markets all from one place and not have to deal with the hassle of switching. There are some other ways in which MYfintec is unique as compared to other brokers. Some of the notable ways are outlined below: 

- An innovative trading platform 

When you check out the various online brokers, you will notice that most of them are running on the MetaTrader 4 platform. While this is undoubtedly a good option, it is not the only one that can be used. Therefore, MYfintec has chosen to go with Tradologic, which boasts a simple and clean user interface that promotes user-friendliness. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, the platform makes it easier for you to understand the setup and contemplate and execute your trades within minutes. There are no complaints about any lags or other performance issues, which works in the broker’s and traders’ favor. 

- The greater number of account options 

Most of the brokers available in the market offer three account options to their traders. There is a simple account designed for novices who have no experience, whatsoever. The second account is for intermediate traders who have some exposure, but are not skilled enough to go higher. The last option is for the professional traders and experts and come with advanced features. MYfintec has chosen to be more specific and created five types of accounts to make it easy for beginners to transition to a higher level. 

Their options begin with the basic account, which has a minimum deposit requirement of €500 and doesn’t offer any advanced tools because traders don’t need any, at this stage. Here, they can access 10% leverage, good customer support, loyalty bonus and some basic data like trading signals. The Silver account is the next option for traders when they are ready to increase their investment and put in €2,500 minimum for trading. This account is a step up so the leverage increases to 20%, customer support remains consistent and the access to trading sessions, signals and charts is greater. 

Gold account is the third choice with a minimum deposit of €10,000 and is more suitable when traders have had some experience and seasoning. This account offers them access to loyalty bonus and leverage of 30%, trading sessions and account managers. Next is the Platinum account, which requires higher investments worth €50,000 and also offers better leverage of 40%. It provides access to some sophisticated tools such as charts, graphs, education center, webinar and more. The last account is the Diamond and is for professional traders with deposits of €250,000 required minimum. The leverage is at its highest at 50% and you enjoy all features available at MYfintec. 

- A complete education center 

MYfintec can also prove to be an excellent choice for traders because it has a complete education center as opposed to other online brokers. How can this education center help? Here, traders of all backgrounds can find a wide array of courses relating to different aspects of trading, which can aid them in improving their knowledge and skills. New traders can learn the tricks of the trade and how to operate in different markets whereas expert traders can learn new skills and strategies that can be useful in increasing their profits. 

In addition, MYfintec also uses lots of resources for organizing webinars and they are conducted by experts in their field to ensure that all traders can benefit from their expertise and knowledge. 

- A great referral program 

One of the most notable ways in which MYfintec differs from the other online brokers in the market is due to its referral program. When you have joined the platform and begun trading, you have the option of inviting others as well. If someone referred by you joins MYfintec and makes a deposit, you are given 10% as commission. Hence, it opens up a new source of income for you. You get this commission every time a deposit is made. Also, if whoever you referred also refers to someone, you also get a 3% commission from their deposit. This means that you can get hundreds or even thousands of dollars in your account without actually doing anything. 

These are some of the best features that has distinguished MYfintec from other brokers and enabled it to reach to the top. You can learn more by following MYfintec on Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

Tips For Strengthening Your Forex Trading Strategy

You should develop a strong discipline for trading with the Forex market as a great Forex trading tip. 

This is important because many people get downhearted when things don’t go well for them with their Forex trades and this can result in them either not pursuing Forex trades, or simply try to change their strategy in a hurry which will usually result in more losses. You must be prepared to make a loss and have a plan, which will ensure that you don’t lose out too much if your trade does take a downwards turn.

One way of making sure that this fail-safe plan will work is to use a practice Forex account. The practice account will be a great way for you to make sure that you will trade successfully when you do come to make a real money investment. You will have the full ability to use the Forex broker site that provides the free practice account, and you will be able to trade in real time by using virtual money. Often, these practice accounts are available for as long as you need to use them and you will usually get plenty of virtual money to play with. This our second useful Forex trading tip and is an important one to use.

When trading with Forex, you must be patient. Success wont come overnight, but with some time and effort from you, you will be able to build up the skills that you need to make the best choices and in turn making profits on your money. As you learn fore about Forex and learn to read the charts and the signals, you will become better at sensing the best time to make your trades.

Try not to place too much of your expectations in making huge profits, but instead be glad of the profits that you do make.

Succeeding as a Novice Trader: Three Tips to Achieve your Goals

When you first set out on the road to becoming a financial trader, that path ahead is laden with opportunities, adventure and possibilities. It is also fraught with inherent risk and danger, however, for no matter how much knowledge you have acquired during your preparation the market remains extremely volatile and unpredictable. This is especially true if you choose to trade forex, as this demands a great deal of strategic thinking and visualization of you are to achieve tangible and long term success.

How to Achieve Profit as an Inexperienced Forex Trader

With these points in mind, what practical steps can you take in order to realize your long term goals of profitability? Consider the following: –

Practice your Trade through a Demo Account: Technology has created numerous advantages for forex traders, but none has been more important than the development of demo software. MYfintec demo accounts (for example) are offering you the opportunity to execute real time trades in a perfectly simulated market environment, you are able to test your investment strategies without risking any hard earned capital. So as you begin to build consistent profits through your demo account, you can begin to consider entering the live market.

Embrace Mobile Trading Platforms: While online trading platforms have undoubtedly revolutionized the forex market, it is the cultivation of mobile applications that offers genuine opportunity to novice investors. By downloading mobile versions of your favorite trading software, you can access your account while on the move and execute critical orders in real time. The best applications even boast an advanced offline mode, which enable you to trade even without Internet connectivity.

Develop a Core Trading Philosophy: If you are to succeed and achieve any goal in life, being close minded is an extremely detrimental trait to possess. This is especially true as a forex trader, as you must strive to seize every possible advantage if you are to gain a key foothold in the market. 

Developing a core trading philosophy may be derided as a waste of time by some, but it can prove absolutely crucial in your attempts to understand the market and forecast live price movements before they take place.

Succeeding as a forex trader is a challenging goal, and there is no established formula or hidden pathway to achievement. You do have access to a number of sophisticated technological tools and education material, however, which if used responsibly can lay the foundations for a successful trading career and long term profitability.

How Do Cryptocurrency Trading Robots Work?

Cryptocurrency robots are an automatic trading software that have been developed to trade on behalf of a trader, and tend to be highly successful. Cryptocurrency robots maximize results using claimed trading signals. Trading signals are just mathematical indicators that are generated by highly skilled financial experts. 

Cryptocurrency Trading Robots

The software operates using a practical mechanism. It receives trading signals from a special algorithm and uses them based on the preferences of the trader. The signals are generated using a complex mathematical algorithm that allows the robot to execute trades. 

There is no limit to the cryptocurrencies a trader can work with when using a Cryptocurrency robot. You can choose from a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Monero. Every trader can make the decision with regards to what assets they would like to trade. You can make this decision though the dashboard on the Cryptocurrency robot. You can activate more than one asset on the dashboard, and the more assets that you choose to activate the more likely you will improve your results. 

There are several approved brokers that you can trade with using the Cryptocurrency robot, which enhances your success rates greatly. There is no need for traders to worry about a broker’s reliability when using the robot for trading. You can register with a broken from the list on offer from the robot and let the robot do the rest. 

With limited knowledge, the binary options robot allows you to make big profits. You can take advantage of the robot with only a basic knowledge. This evolution has enabled inexperienced traders to gain access to the financial market, successfully. It’s safe to say it is a milestone in the industry, enabling automatic trading. There’s no need to wait by the screen to take advantage of the best trades as they crop up. Instead, you can set your software to do the work for you, literally making you money while you sleep. A Cryptocurrency robot supports trades from across the world, and incudes US traders.

Once you have chosen the Cryptocurrency you want to trade you can tell the robot your risk limits and empower it to make the trades you want it to make. You no longer need to wait by your phone or email for signal alerts, which you could easily miss out on if you are unable to access your account to take advantage of these signals. Using a robot means you never miss a hot deal again, as the robot takes care of all your trading needs - and you don’t need to be an experienced trader to make money.

Does Volume Trading Really Matter?

Volume trading is often a concept that even the most experienced investors in the stock market would overlook. It is a general view of the people investing in the market that volume is not that significant in deciding the trend of the market and hence they will not get any help regarding their strategies. This viewpoint about volume couldn’t be any more wrong. Volume, when combined with price, could tell you everything about the trends in a stock market and what is about to come. Compare the volume of the market with previous days and you will have enough information at hand to make your move.

What Exactly Is Volume?

Before you go into the details of trading volume you must understand what volume is all about. Volume is the telling of total activity within a stock market. Another way of putting it is saying that volume is the total number of trades taking place in the market during a given time period. It is important to know the concept of time in order to measure the volume. You must look at the trades taking place in the market during a specified time period in order to know whether the volume is increasing or decreasing.

How Not To Look At The Volume

New traders can look at the volume of the market in a way they are not supposed to. For example, they might see a surge in the buying and sharing of a particular stock on a particular day and assume that the volume is high. That’s really not the case with volume and that’s exactly how you don’t gauge the volume of the market. The right way to know whether the volume is increasing or decreasing is by comparing it with the volumes taking place on the previous days for the same stock. 

Does Volume Really Matter?

Volume trading definitely matters, especially when you are dealing with high volume trades. Firstly, there have to be millions of shares of the same company trading in the market in order to consider volume as a factor. There are penny stocks in the market that sell only a few thousand shares in the market on a daily basis and their volume doesn’t tell you much about their price movement. The simple thing to understand here is that volume tells you the liquidity of a stock in the market. Hence it indicates how viable the market is at any given moment.

You wouldn’t want to enter the market as a seller or buyer if there isn’t much going on. To make profits you have to look at the stocks that are liquid and whose price and volume movements are dynamic. You will know that buying and selling the shares of a highly liquid stock will not be a big problem. Furthermore, the price of a stock and its volume has a relationship. On most occasions, the upward or downward movement in the volume tells an upcoming change in the price of a particular stock.

Why You Should Start Forex Trading With ECN Brokers

The interbank market is the market of the “big players” that common traders don’t have the access too. These are the market players that have huge shares and investments in the market so their trades matter a lot. However, a common trader who wants to make money from forex market cannot have direct access to them. The way to go about it is to find a broker first and open an account with this broker. The broker serves as the middle party to conduct all of your trades. The different between the bid and ask price offered by broker is his way of making the profit.

In short, every trade you make with a broker proves to be a profiting trade for the broker. The difference between the ask and bid price is fully dependent on the broker’s discretion, however, they are under strict regulations so they can’t take unnecessary advantage of this autonomy. There are several things that make the traders uncomfortable about retail brokers and the transparency of trades is one of those concerns. That’s when the ECN brokers step in. ECN stands for Electronic Communications Networks and the brokers in this network are most reliable brokers. 

These brokers take ask and bid prices from all the institutions, brokers and any entity that’s on the ECN. After obtaining these quotes the ECN broker will place the best ask and bid price for its traders. What this means is that you will mostly get the most recommended ask and bid price from ECN brokers. ECN brokers are known for their tight spreads and tight spreads mean that the costs for traders are reduced. The reason behind such tight spreads is that ECN brokers are paid a commission on the number of trades they conduct and so their primary target is lots of trades.

The ECNs offer retail traders the best ask and bid price because they are not earning from the spread, which is the case with retail brokers. The ECN broker will be paid a fixed commission for every transaction made by its customer. This is the reason the size of spread doesn’t matter for ECNs whereas this is the major way of earning profits for retail traders. Eventually, it is the retail traders who benefit from the tight spreads since they can get better return for the currency they are selling and obtain a currency at lower rates.

You can see hundreds of online traders offering you the opportunity to trade in the forex market. They have lots of things to attract you from bonuses, big leverage points, rebates, reliable indicators etc. but it is always highly recommended that you pick an ECN broker. ECN brokers are also available online. You can refer to online reviewing websites for forex brokers and the comments by traders to find out which broker is the most reliable one. You must remember that ECN brokers are known for being fair since they have no reason to trade against you whereas the retail brokers are notorious for this act.

Why Binary Options Brokers Can Help You Get Optimum Returns?

If you have not been using binary options trading platform for investment then probably you have had to fulfill the difficult task of sitting before the television screen and observing each and every tick related to the market. In addition to this, you may also have been revising your Stop Loss and using various risk management strategies innumerable times throughout the day and months. This type of trading strategy can leave any trader completely stressed and worried. As a result, you may end up committing mistakes, which could have otherwise been avoided simply through relying on binary trading. Read on to find out more about how and why binary options brokers can help you get optimum returns on your investment. 

Get the Best Deals: In order to trade binary options, you must turn to a reputed and experienced broker. This is because binary options brokers can help you acquire huge returns through your trades. In fact, a number of them provide as much as eighty five percent ROI when a trader’s predictions are accurate. Acquiring such an unimaginable percentage is difficult for the traders as in the stock market a return of ten percent is considered to be very good. However, with assistance from binary options brokers you can grab even higher returns.

Simple to Learn and Use: Given that binary options trading is very simple to understand and use i.e. you could either be wrong or right and the pricing of the asset concerned can either go down or up, an increased number of investors are now turning to this form of trading. Traders very well know that trading binary options with binary brokers imply that there won’t be any small sized losses. However, on the flip side, even the gains are very higher. 

Enjoy Bonuses: Another reason why binary options brokers can help you extract maximum returns from your trading is because they also offer bonuses. There are numerous binary options brokers who are willing to offer bonuses when traders deposit money into their account for the first time. For instance, few brokers offer bonus, which is hundred percent of the amount deposited into their account. The moment you have finished trading the bonus amount for around thirty times or more, the bonus becomes all yours. 

Customize Your Trading: By customizing your trading, you increase your chances of acquiring maximum returns. Binary options brokers provide traders with the much-desired opportunity to trade in accordance with their own requirements. Depending upon your understanding of the market, you can place profitable trades using several options like one touch, call and put and boundary options among others and trade with ease. 

Access Numerous Marketplaces: Another way in which binary options brokers can assist you in acquiring maximum returns is by providing you access to different marketplaces. As a result, you have the option of taking assets from different markets and combining them to extract maximum gain. Additionally, traders get a number of indices, commodities, stocks and leading currency pairs through one single broker and are not required to make any extra effort to seek information on different assets. This further ensures that investors enjoy profitable trading.