MUST READ - Binary Options Brokers Warnings
(+) You must always be careful when trading with binary options brokers, some of them that look to be legit and even are regulated have turned out to be nothing more than boiler rooms and bucket shops.
(+) When first dealing with ANY binary options broker first deposit a SMALL minimum deposit for trading.
(+) Never take ANY bonuses! After making profits from first trade ask for an immediate withdrawal.
(+) If you are called on the phone and asked to make any LARGER deposits ALWAYS say NO.
(+) After making a successful withdrawal of first profitable trade + deposit amount you can start to trust the broker.

Binary Options USA

Binary Options Trading and Regulations in the USA

As a trader of binary options in the USA, the trading regulations can get quite confusing and the matter of legality comes into question as well. It is important to delve into the matter of the various binary options trading regulations in the United States of America to start your trading journey on the safe and legal note. 

Even though the binary options trading originated in the US, there are no uniform and varied regulations for broker services. It is imperative to start your trading among-st the few broker companies that are under the US license because trading with an unregulated broker will be deemed as illegal and you will be liable for prosecution. 

Where and How to Trade in the US?

Always remember to conduct the roper research before singing up with the binary options broker so as to have a guaranteed high quality and legal service offered to you. The following guidelines will help in ensuring that the right choice is made.

· Financial Trading Online Bodies - The Us has two bodies that regulate the online financial binary options trading. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the broker in licensed under either the CFTC - Commodity Futures Trading commission or the NFA- National Futures Association. 

· The Services - It is important that the broker provides US friendly services and provide with certain criteria. It is important that the trader has the option to trade in the national currency that is the US dollars. They should provide the changing and latest currency trading services. 

· Access to Multiple Platforms - The broker should provide the advanced tools and latest products for trading. They should provide trading access from PC, mobile based platforms in both iOS and Android applications.

Some of the trusted and reliable broker services include Finpari and Nadex, affiliated with CFTC.